ENIGOO for zoological gardens

We are raising the standard of ticket sales. From the point of view of organisers and visitors.

ENIGOO does everything you expect from a ticketing system

Ticket sales, season tickets, physical and digital distribution, check-in, payment management, online statistics, cross selling, up selling.

Fuller exhibition centre

With our ticketing system you will increase the engagement of your visitors, which leads to increased sales.

More money for the organisers

Higher admission revenue, upsell, faster refreshment ordering and clearance, lower distribution and staffing costs. This is what consistent digitisation and automation brings.

Dynamic pricing

Tickets today for 220, after a week for 250 and then for 280 crowns. Let your frequent visitors get better prices and increase your sales revenue at the same time. A few crowns difference for visitors, a decent budget boost for you.

Perfect on mobile, tablet and computer

It should be obvious, but it is not. Even your grandfather can buy a season ticket on his mobile phone. And if he only had a push-button cell phone, he could use the call center.

Internal organisation, facilities and input management

Tickets are just the tip of the iceberg. Their on-site control, distribution, management of access to VIP reserved sectors, parking lots. Plus media accreditation, managing the access of people on the set (security guards, bar staff, hostesses, support staff).

Support for visitors

There is always someone who loses a ticket, makes a mistake in the order, mixes up the date. Our own call center will handle all this, you don't have to worry about phone calls.

Which products to use

Ticket system

We will connect a completely customized ticketing system to your existing website. The complete visitor data is under your control, but we take care of it, including partners. You have statistics, reports, custom visuals, complete event and season management, all accessible online.

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CRM Fans

A reliable partner for effective communication that allows you to segment your fans, set up custom marketing actions and their triggers. All with clear reports and access to a centralized database of already tested successful marketing actions.

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CRM Business

A tool that speeds up all administration, makes business cases clearer, allows you to visualize the occupancy of advertising space and helps you organize the workload and efficiency of your salespeople.

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Our accreditation system provides easy registration of participants, efficient automation of communication and a clear credit system for your conferences, festivals and other events. No stress and no complications!

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It's best to try everything. Let's do it!

It's best to try everything. Let's do it!